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I Have Been A Christian For Some Years what should I be doing? 

It is said that in most congregations of people who would claim to be Christians that 10% of the people in any given church does 90% of the work. How is this possible when over 90% of most churches are composed of older Christians? 

Our Lord was a Carpenter and like Him we must prepare to work and build!!


When we first became a Christian we were taught about what Christ first did for us and what our response to it should be. At some point we made a decision to obey what God expects of us but over time we lose sight of our love and obligations. What happened? Life happens and like in the parable of the sower we have to decide what we are going to do with the "Seed" or Word of God that was initially planted in our hearts. Learn to be rooted firmly in the WORD! Do you value anything or anyone more than God? Do you believe you are committed to God right now? What did it cost you to follow God TODAY?


Becoming Christian can be a lot like getting married because in spiritually speaking we are married to Christ. If we are not careful we can rush to the "altar" of baptism for the wrong reasons. Sometimes we don't realize that being a Christian is being in a RELATIONSHIP with GOD and our CHURCH family. Neglecting this relationship and other Christian duties with hinder your growth as a Christian. If your relationship with Christ was a husband and wife marriage would you be celebrating or getting a divorce? 


Satan's job is for us to never hear God's word in the first place! Once we hear the Word of God Satan's job is to take the Word out of our hearts, lest we should believe what we hear and obey it. As older Christians we should be setting a good example of faithful and obedience to your Christians. Our homes should be training grounds of godliness for our children and everyone that come in our homes. What do your children see in your home- a faithful Christian or a hypocrite? What do people see on your job? Older Christian are you still on the "milk" of the word and how you act? If so are you willing to "change" repent and do what you told God you would do? 


Have you been in the church for years and feel like you are not growing? Have you long to learn how to lead souls to Christ? Do you find yourself asking what am I suppose to be doing in the church and in my life for God? Well you have come to the right place. Oh we are so excited!! We are now encouraging  Christians all over the world on how to study the Bible, build stronger relationships with God and with other Christians and also on how to share the good news!! You can now prepare to do the things you always wanted to do in the Lord.


If you are ready click on here  

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