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Can you answer these Bible Questions?

Do you ....

...ever hear people talk about Jesus and wonder about what you hear? 

...wish you knew more about the Bible, and want a good place to start? 

...want to see for yourself what the Bible really says, rather than what others say about it? 

             You can enroll in a 

FREE Self-Study Home Bible

Course, without cost or

obligation. You study at your

own pace in the privacy of 

your own home. All the lessons can be mailed or emailed to you. 

  • Answer these questions and send them with your name, email  and address.We will review your answers and return them to you. You may be surprised at some of the answers.

  • Lesson 1 of the course can be mailed or emailed to you with complete instructions. Each lesson has basic Bible information and questions to test what you have learned .

  • When lessons are completed, mail or email them for grading. 

Why are we offering this FREE Home Bible Course? We believe it is our mission to encourage the reading and study of the Word of God. 

No, these studies do not promote any denomination or cult. We are simply Christians who want to share Bible faith. 

After you complete and submit each lesson, your lesson will be reviewed. The Admin will notify you of any incorrect answer(s). You will also be sent the password for the next lesson. 

Test Your Bible Knowledge

Indicate the correct answer on a separate sheet

_____1 The mother of Jesus was: a) Mary;  b) Sarah;

c) Elizabeth

_____2 The angel who came to Mary was named: 

a) Gabriel; b) Michael  c) Enoch 

_____3 As a small child Jesus was taken to what country to escape from King Herod? a)Syria; b) Rome; c) Egypt 

_____4 John described Jesus as: a) the Word made flesh; b) the Spirit c) the Mystery

_____5 Jesus was born in what town? a) Bethlehem;

b) Nazareth;  c) Jerusalem 

_____6 Who were two Old Testament persons who appeared with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? 

a) Isaiah & Daniel; b) Moses Elijah; c) David & Jonathan

_____7 Jesus arose from death on what day?  a)Good  Friday; b) first day of the week, which is Sunday;

c) seventh day, the Sabbath (Saturday) 

_____8 Who was the first person to see Jesus after He arose?  a) Mary Magdalene; b) the apostle Thomas;

c) Simon Peter

_____9 Where was Jesus baptized? a) Jordan River;

b) the temple;  c) Bethlehem 

____10 Jesus first miracle was performed in which town? a) Nazareth; b) Cana; c) Jericho

____11 Jesus once sent Peter to find money in a: 

a) cave; b) fish;  c) purse

____12 With only five loaves of bread and two fish Jesus miraculously fed how many men? 

a) 50; b) 500;  c) 5000

____13 According to Jesus, what is the only cause which justifies divorce and marriage to another? 

a) lack of love; b) childlessness; c) fornication 

____14 It was prophesied that Christ would be a Priest forever after the order of: a) Moses; b) Aaron;

c) Melchisedec

____15 Which of Jesus apostles was obviously married because his mother-in-law is mentioned? a) Peter; 

b) John:  c) James 

____16 What woman anointed Jesus feet and wiped them with her hair? a) Elizabeth; b) Mary; c) Deborah

____17 What dead man did Jesus resurrect after the man had been dead four days? a) Thomas b) James 

c) Lazarus

____18 Judas betrayed Jesus to his enemies for: a) ten pieces of gold; b) thirty pieces of silver; c) fifty pieces of silver

____19 Who was the governor who ordered Christ 's death? a) Pilate; b) Caesar; c) Herod 

____20 Jesus had how many half-brothers (other sons of Mary)? a) four; b) none; c) two 

____21 To whom did Jesus first declare, "You must be born again"? a) Nicodemas;  b) Pilate; c) Peter

____22 Jesus was crucified on which feast day of the Jews?  a) Passover; b) Purim; c) Pentecost 

____23 Who were the two men who buried the body of Jesus? a) Peter & John;  b) Paul & Silas; c) Joseph & Nicodemas

____24 Who was the apostle who three times denied that he was a disciple of Christ?  a) Peter;

b) Judas Iscariot; c) Matthew 

____25 The prisoner which Pilate released instead of Jesus was:  a) Barabbas; b) Judas; c) Caiphas

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