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Request your FREE Self-Study Home Bible Course TODAY. (This is a Bible study by email or mail). 

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There are young people just like you that would be glad to reach out to you. 
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to attend the 

Bible Study

The campus ministry and young adult Bible study groups have come together for the summer (2024) to study the Bible, pray, fellowship and edify one another. 
We will meet in various locations in person while allowing anyone to join on zoom. The Bible study will take place on Monday's and Thursday. 

For years, unbelievers have targeted college campuses in order to promote financial bondage, man made philosophies, and moral decay. They have even been on a mission to convince many of us that there is no God (Judges 2:10). However, we have taken a stand in rejecting these notions.
               Students from college campuses across the country are uniting! We will no longer be silenced while ungodly views and ideas take a front seat on our campuses, communities, and our world at large. We invite all God-fearing students to join us in a revival "movement" to reconnect with God and to be obedient to His Word (2 Chronicles 7:14). So, what do you need to bring to join this movement? All you need is your Bible, an open heart, and your love and devotion for God. And, spread this good word to a friend or two.
                                Bring your Bible, a friend and all your love for God!!!

For more information
 call (404-458-7264)leave a message. 
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