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It is a dark day. The news of sickness,death and unemployment hover over us. Virtually all our news reports and conversations are consumed with the thoughts of death, racial or political strife and unemployment. It is probable that by the time this message reaches you, we will be informed of higher sickness and death tolls. 

   However, the coronavirus and high levels of unemployment is not America's foremost crisis. Our most critical problem and what is destroying America is our eviction of God from our national life. America has been a great nation, the envy of other nations everywhere, because historically God has been our refuge and our strength, a very present help in every crisis (Psalm 46:1). But, that is no longer true. We are now proud to be liberated from God with all His contraits - proud to be a "free to do whatever we want!"

Since we refuse to have Him in our knowledge, He has given us over to every kind of degrading passion and lust our evil minds can conjure up. (For a Biblical description of modern America please read Romans 1:18-32). 

How could this happen when 94% to 98% of Americans say they believe in God? How could it happen when there is a "church" or place of worship on just about every corner and sometimes one in the middle of the block?


It could only happen because America's "religions" have failed her. They have their own agendas and priorities and have no holy reverence for God and His Word. They have turned the worship of God into carnal profit-making side-show perfomances. 

           Our Nation's greatest need is Christianity as found in the Bible-ONLY! What many have seen and experienced in American religion today is not Christianity at all as it is described in the New Testament. Less than 46% of the people say they have any great deal of respect for this "marked down" brand of what is being pawned off as Christianity today. 

Is there any one group of people (any church) who believes in the kind of faith and church that we read about in the New Testament today? Well yes, 

Note: When Jesus walked among us He could guarantee that He and what He taught was the TRUTH. He could not guarantee that those who walked with Him would faithfully follow what they knew to be truth. We say the same! We can guarantee that Jesus and His Word is True but we can't guarantee that everyone who say they follow Jesus Christ strive to live up to what they know...Amen!  

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