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We Must Teach Our Young People Christian Evidences 

Have you read the latest statistics. By even conservative estimates, we are losing between 60% to 90% of our young people after they graduate from High School. Justin has been raise up in the church and attended services every week with family. Things seem to be going very well with his Justin but then he goes off to college. 

To make sure Justin get the best start in his new environment his parents contacts the local church in the college town and arrange a meeting with some of the leadership. In the meeting the parents express that their son will be attending college in the city and they would appreciate it if someone could make sure Justin have a way to the services of the church. 


On campus Justin soon looks around and realizes that he is on his own. No mama and daddy to tell him what to do. It is not long that Justin is meeting new people and many do not share his religious views and upbringing.  Justin knows the teaching of Jesus Christ but something is beginning to happen with him?


What Are We Instilling In Our Children?

What later comes out of our children is who they really are. Many times as parents we become content with a temporary fix of our children "acting well" and "doing what we believe they should be doing" but who are they? Do they go to church even when you are not around now? Do they read the Bible and express an interest in the Word of God now? As you watch them day by day do they make godly decisions and conduct themselves in ways that please the Lord now? Do they share Christ with other family members, friends and others now? Did Justin obey the gospel yet? There are some of our children that grow up going to church services who have never obeyed the gospel and been baptized. Why? What are they seeing at home? What are they seeing at church? The Bible tells parents that they are to "train up their children in the way they should go". Ask yourself, Is my home a training ground to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Prayer, Bible Study, Regular church attendance, Christian values and attitudes in the home and a place where children have boundaries) OR a play ground to breed the unfaithful (Rarely ever see prayer being done in the home,rarely see the Bible read or opened in the home,rarely attend worship and Bible class is out of the question, worldly music and TV shows, ungodly social media and home environment.What was Justin really groom to be?

What Kind Of Teaching Did They Get?


Discipleship is the indoctrination of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. While many congregations do a great job of teaching the Word of God we fail miserably at pouring our lives into people. Remember Jesus did not only teach His disciples but trained them day by day on HOW to be a disciple. How many of us can honestly say that we spent "hands on" time training our children on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? What did you tell them? What did you show them? Have they ever seen you consistently pray at home? Did they ever see you lead anyone to Christ?

 How was Justin to teach people when he was not fully shown how to do it? On a college campus people are looking for answers but Justin finds himself not being able to answer what he was taught to believe nor why he should have ever believed it. Every Christian and even more than ever our young people must be "READY always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a REASON concerning the hope that is in you" (I Peter 3:15). In this day and time where people are becoming more faithless and unbelieving we must be able to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). Was Justin taught and trained to do this  before he was ushered out into the world? This site is reaching Justin's on college campuses all over the country. 

How Solid Was Justin's Home Church? 

Many times weak congregations are the result of weak and misinformed leaderships. When Elders, Preachers and Deacons are NOT properly functioning as God will have them to do so, the results are catastrophic for the church. This travesty manifest itself in many different ways. First we chose leaders based on worldly standards (popular in the world, got money, look or sound good) rather than he knows the Bible, lead his household well, live a righteous life, evangelistic, etc)."Why, brothers, look you out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business..." (Acts 6:3-7) If we have these kind of men in leadership today why is the church is such dismay? There are some amazing leaders in the Lord's church today, many who are often over looked. Church leader if you lack what God requires of you in any particular area, are you humble enough to admit that and get help? 

Some years ago, Guy N. Woods an editor of the Gospel Advocate did a survey among churches. The result was very disturbing. According to the survey: 40% of those surveyed admitted that they only attended one church service a week;  50% indicated that they did not know why the church do not use instrumental music in worship. 10% believed that one church is as good as another, 90% did not subscribe to a religious publication;75% could not find the plan of salvation in the Bible. Did Justin grow up in a church like this? 

This Website will serve as a Tool

To Teach Christian Evidences

This website serves as a tool to assist people in coming to understand that Christianity is a religion based on historical, verifiable facts. We must show people that Christianity is the one true religion of the one true God. This can only happen when we present the facts of the Bible and the unbeliever are able to study those truths (facts) and come to believe. We will be doing a study of Christian evidences because the church will be better for it. Also we can begin to turn the tide of young people leaving the faith because they lack the"tools" to fully answer what they were taught to believe. 

"Justin" we are here for you. There are a lot of "Justin's" in the world and we are here to reach you.

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