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                                      DENOMINATIONAL BOOKS 

  These books have led to so much confusion and division in the world today. There are sincere and honest people that are trying to get to heaven but the teachings of these books hinder them.

  • Roman Catholics                               Catechism 

  • Episcopalians                                     Book of Common Prayer

  • Methodists                                         Discipline 

  • Baptists                                              Hiscox's Standard Manual for Baptist Churches 

  • Lutherans                                           Luther's Shorter Catechism Manual

  • Nazarenes                                           Manual 

  • Presbyterians                                     Westminster Confession of Faith

  • Jehovah's Witnesses                          The Watchtower 

  • Mormons (LDS)                                  The book of Mormon, & other books 

  • Seventh-Day Adventists                     The writings of Ellen G. White

  • Christian Scientist                               Key to Science & the Scriptures 

  • Unification Church                              The Divine Principle 

Many who became believers confessed their sinful practices. A number of them who had been practicing sorcery brought their incantation books and burned them at a public bonfire. The value of the books was several million dollars. So the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect. Acts 19:18-20. 

Many of us once worshipped under the teaching of these doctrines (books) but we had to put them away to hear the gospel of Christ. There need to be another "book" burning today. 

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