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O how love I thy law!  It is my meditation all the day. 

Thou through thy commandments hast made me wise than mine enemies; for they are ever with me. 

I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my mediation. 

I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts. 

I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word. 

Psalm 119:97-102

Go to the CONTACT US form on this site and complete

Name: ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________

City: ______________ State:__________Zip:_____

Phone: _____________ Email: _________________

Feel free to study and utilize the information and services on this website. Every student that completes the Bible Lessons on this website will be asked to share the main thing that they learned as the essay question to be entered into our scholarships. 


Make Bible Disciples Scholarship


-  1st place $5,000,

-  2nd Place $2,500,

3rd Place $1,000,

up to 25 more will receive between $250 and $500 for books!

Deadline for scholarship is September 15th, 2023.  

Requirement: Go to and register. Put Make Bible Disciples Scholarship in question box. 

Student must be a Christian and a student of the Bible. 

Have a recommendation letter from two (2) people that can vouch for your Christian character and that you are an avid student of the Bible. (One letter must be from your preacher or Bible Class teacher). A letter from a reliable mentor may be considered. 

Have a GPA of at least of 2.5 (recommended). We will consider other areas like community service and involvement in your church. 


To Our Campus Ministry  page. 

As college students we are faced with many new opportunities and challenges. Many of us are many miles away from home and what we are "use to". While it is a wonderful thing to be able to meet so many new people it can also be terrifying at the thought of getting involved with something or someone that is not in our best interest. We are already halfway through the year of school and many have already formed the kinds of relationships that they want while others have not. 

As you look about the campus we want you to know that the students of Romans 16:16 are here to encourage you to stay close to God and His Word even though some have been swayed to not think it is "cool" or popular to do so. We are students just like you. We are in the band, on many of the various athletic teams, your RA's in the dorms and the student that sits by you in the classroom.

After all of the activities of the day we would like for you to come, fellowship and study God's Word with us. You will encounter many things that arouses questions as a student in college. You will hear many different views about God, Church and "Religion" from your professors, your peers, various groups that approach you on and off campus. Remember God has the answer and it is found in your Bible. Make sure people show you what they are and believe from the Bible.

Come -bring your Bible, your questions, a friend and join us on this site. 

We are on thousands of college campuses here and abroad. Many of us came to Christ through efforts like this. We hope to meet you soon. 

Greetings from all of us! 

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